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What we do :


With our music label Slynt Records, we produce futuristic pop, new-wave and more, in digital & CD format.
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We also make affordable masterings, as well as beautiful cover-arts.

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Since 2013, we've been managing band profiles on soundcloud with great success. We'd be thrilled to do the same for your band - launch your brand new profile or improve the visibility of your latest release.

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We love to design, develop (and sometimes host) websites for chill bands, artists & labels. Check out what we did for Axel Lacan or You Are Number Six.
[PS : what you're currently watching is also the product of our little hands]

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Who we are :

Slynt is led by three music lovers, and is located in both south of france and London UK


French musician & songwriter
(aka You Are Number Six)

- Founder of Slynt Records
- Label Manager / Web developer

Lives in Montpellier, FRANCE

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French music-lover & photographer
(@LucieHickey on twitter)

- Founder of Serotonin(e)
- Public Relations / Photos

Lives in London, UK

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Soundcloud guru &
new wave aficionado

- Band promotion on Socials
- CD production

Lives.. somewhere, probably on Mars

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GEARS : Adobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Maximus, Wordpress, Notepad++, ears, paper, ink.